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Impact Without Limits  Teach Me, Don't Talk About Me

We all have the opportunity to make an Impact in this world without Limits. The ability to give back to our communities, the less fortunate, or anyone we can uplift and enrich is our social responsibility. Imagine if we all shared our talents, pooled our resources, or gave without expectation of anything in return. If 2020 has shown us anything, it is our obligation towards our fellow human.

What if you are a musician who meets a young kid interested in playing your instrument? Do you just tell them to join their school band or do you give them a few free lessons? You see someone who needs a coat. You have four or five of which you only wear two. Do you send them to an organization to get donated clothes or do you give up a coat? What if there were dozens in need? Do you organize a coat drive or do you hope someone else does? You see someone with a good idea. Do you acknowledge it’s a good idea and keep moving? Do you ask the person if you can help them build their idea? Do you share your ideas so the two of you can collaborate and create something even better?

I think you get the idea. We have all seen someone less fortunate. Our philosophy has been to help without question. Whether that is reading to school age children, donating sneakers to children playing sports, donating hygiene products to those less fortunate, donating school supplies to children in school districts who traditionally have a need, donating socks to veterans,  or donating to another non-profit to assist them with starting a mobile hygiene initiative to provide men and women much needed items, we are working always working on solutions.

It is really easy to see a problem and say “Oh, that’s a shame”. Impact without Limits is about seeing a problem and working on a resolution. Some initiatives are small. Others much larger. It does not matter. Impact without Limits will never talk about you, we will teach you! Teach you to see problems, have a cause, or pool resources to create something better for someone else.

Are you ready to make an Impact without Limits?



Making A Difference



Every year, Impact without Limits provides school supplies up and down the East Coast. From the basics like pencils and paper, to specific things like wipes, facial tissue, and paper towels, we reach out to the teachers directly to find out their needs for their classrooms so Impact without Limits can be most effective for them.


At Impact without Limits we are dedicated to assisting our communities and less fortunate with basic hygiene products. When we received a call from another non-profit in need of supplies for a mobile hygiene clinic, Impact without Limits didn’t hesitate to send several boxes of supplies to West Haven, CT.


“At the end of the day it’s not about what you have or even what you’ve’s about who you’ve lifted up, who you’ve made better. It’s about what you’ve given back.”

Denzel Washington



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