Living an Impact Without Limits Life

As we all embark on this journey of living an Impact Without Limits life, it occurred to me there are some things we do to ourselves everyday that impact our ability to do so. If we are going to truly live an Impact Without Limits life, we have start with positive words and thoughts.

As an example, how many times do we say we need to, have to or must do? When we use these words we automatically add stress and pressure to the situation. Do we have obligations? Certainly and as adults we will do the necessary things to meet our responsibilities but when we declare it, it can become a burden. ”I choose to“ is the phrase I am working on using. Will you join me?

My mother used to say, “Can’t is a dirty word”. I was not allowed to say can’t growing up. Since it wasn’t a part of my everyday life, as an adult it isn’t something I say. I have two days to get this project done but I can’t because I have to do A, B, and C. I can’t volunteer because I don’t have time. ”I can’t because“ makes me cringe every time I hear it. You can do anything you want to do. You can get the project done because you will plan accordingly to ensure you have adequate time to do it. You can find time to volunteer just by saying I choose to.

I would but…I tried to but…I want to but…You get the idea. Try using AND instead of but and see how your perspective changes. I would and …I tried to and…I want to and…We are not limited. We are limitless. We all have something to contribute, to give, and to share. Collectively, we have knowledge and expertise in so many things.

We like to say in our house we are thankful for the glass. It doesn’t matter whether it’s half full/empty. We are thankful for the glass. As long as we have the glass, we have an opportunity to make a difference. You might think I can ‘only’ (don’t like that word either) contribute $20 to a cause. That $20 could be the money needed to reach a fundraising goal. It could be the $20 necessary for a child to have a coat. It could be the $20 needed to feed a family. When we start to realize our gifts are not limited by amount or time, we know that simply our willingness to try gives us the ‘glass’.

If we all stop being restrictive with our words and thoughts and always find the positive, the way to accomplish a goal, the way to achieve a dream, we can live a life of Impact Without Limits.

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