The Saluda Impact Part 1

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Our journey to Saluda monthly has been life saving. We love to travel. Of course with the pandemic, all our travel plans were interrupted. A cruise to Bermuda, a trip to Connecticut to see the parents, a trip to Virginia to see the children, and a trip to New Orleans all canceled. Then one day Kenny says, “We need to go to Saluda”. I will be honest after our first trip there two years ago, I never thought we’d return nor was I in a hurry to do so. There was the promise of pizza from Nick’s House of Pizza in West Columbia. That was what I looked forward to. Nick’s is Greek pizza like home. We found it by chance on a visit to the zoo last year.

We arrived in Saluda and they were cleaning out the building. Kenny went in and three hours later emerged dirty, sweaty, and tired. While he physically works, I mentally work. Writing down ideas, reading, checking our website, etc. We all talked for a while and then we got on the road. We went to Nick’s as promised and talked about how we had to come back. “Mr. Holloway needs us”, he said. I agreed and we would continue coming back and forth whenever he had a Saturday off. At least once a month, sometimes twice we would take the 3.5 hour drive one way. We are productive on the drive to and from. We talk about current projects, new projects, ways to engage more people, etc.

I learned after the 3rd trip, we needed Mr. Holloway as much as he needed us. His vision for Saluda, his motivation, his drive, and his determination was so in tune with where Kenny and I have been headed the past two years it kinda scared me. This is small town America. Each time we visit we see a little more of the town. Growing up in Hartford, CT and having lived in major cities on the East Coast this place goes against my nature but I knew leaving that day Saluda was forever a part of us and we would have to make some decisions going forward.

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